Welcome to CAMRA's Plesk Tools page.

This website contains useful tools that are available to use by CAMRA Members. When new tools are released, we will post a link to these.

IP Checker

This tool was created by the Plesk Support Team to help branch Contacts when diagnosing email related issues. From time to time, the Plesk Support Team may need your IP Address and/or UserAgent in order to help investigate any issues you may have reported. This simple tool is used to easily show this information, and enables users to provide it to the volunteer Plesk Hosting Support Team.

IP Checker »

CAMRA Land Registry Tool

This tool was created by a CAMRA volunteer to help other volunteers to search CAMRA's Land Registry dataset more easily.  It is also mobile-accessible.

Land Registry »

Legacy Wiki

A Wiki was set up many years ago and was used by volunteer developers. It is maintained as it contains some useful documentation for legacy systems. This is not for general access.

Legacy Wiki »